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The True Storytelling Institute® is for those seeking a new approach to leadership and change management, while at the same time providing for personal growth.

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True Storytelling® consists of seven principles and seven processes you can use as tuning forks when you plan, facilitate, or evaluate a project and as a way to create a true and ethical life for yourself and the community or organization you are a part of. The method will help you to overcome challenges with implementation and aid in developing a long-term sustainable solution.

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From True Storytelling® practitioners

True Storytelling creates ownership among NGOs

A number of Danish NGOs working with African partners have been trained in the 7 principles of True Storytelling, as a method to co-create with their partners in the global south including Africa. Rebekka from Early Care International says that True Storytelling plays an important role in projects with many stakeholders.

True Storytelling creates commitment and job satisfaction among project managers

“I have used the True Storytelling principles diligently – as recently as this morning in fact – to get a group out of ‘resistance’ and into collective progress. It pleases me every time when I succeed in bringing down the level of conflict – it’s really that simple , when you first see the process”, Bodil Struwe, Product Group Change Manager, Alfa Laval

The US Army strengthens collective intelligence with True Storytelling

The True Storytelling principles have become a regular part of several leadership training courses in the US Army. Working with True Storytelling strengthens teams with psychological security and decision-making power. Professor Ken Long, who is a certified True Storyteller, is behind the work.

Startups use True Storytelling to attract investors

Anne Marie Hall, CEO of Amazing Hall, and certified True Storyteller uses the 7 principles in her work with Danish startups within Life Science at DTU. Using the 7 principles as a tool, the researchers translate their research into start-up companies. The results can just now be seen at the TechBBQ 2023 investor event.