2024 - Monthly Zoom Meeting and Workshop

Monthly Zoom meeting schedule for 2024: the first Wednesday of the month at 17:00 (Copenhagen time) – each 1 hour meeting will begin with a check in and review of an actual application of True Storytelling in practice with follow up discussion of specific challenges practitioners may be encountering. A deep examination of a principle will also be introduced.  To attend, email:  for the zoom invite. 

06 MAR – True Storytelling in coaching practices

03 APR – True Storytelling in together-telling – theory and practice

01 MAY – True Storytelling process – the 7 principle cycle

05 JUN – True Storytelling – Complex Project Conceptualization, Development, and Management

03 JUL  – True Storytelling for Personal Growth – Authentic Self Discovery and Sustainment

07 AUG – True Storytelling in Organizational Change Management

04 SEP  –  True Storytelling as a research methodology

02 OCT – True Storytelling applications in formal presentations

06 NOV – True Storytelling – recognizing the wave already there

04 DEC – True Storytelling Conference Discussion and Preparation – Research Paper and Submissions

2024 - Upcoming Conferences, Presentations, and Workshops

06-08 MAY – True Storytelling Institute® and GAIA Conference, Malmö University, Sweden

To attend, email:  for the zoom invite.