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The True Storytelling Certification

Personal development and sustainable change

The certification is for you who want to create sustainable changes and live a more true life in accordance with your values and nature. The True Storytelling method combines the ability to create commitment for sustainable change with personal ethical development and the ability to handle situations of high complexity and be in flow


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The certification package

You become certified in True Storytelling® by the True Storytelling Institute® once you have completed and passed the exam in the True Storytelling® Foundation module and two advanced modules such as “True Storytelling® – Sustainable Change Management” and “True Storytelling® Diversity and Respect.” To obtain a certification as a True Storytelling® Trainer, you must also complete the “Train the Trainer” program and complete a reviewed project. You will then receive the True Storytelling Institute® professional certification as a trainer.

Tailored Certification

The certification consists of a number of modules that you can connect to on an ongoing basis. For example, you can start by taking the Foundation module and assess whether you want to continue. In addition, you can register for one advanced module at a time. You pay for one module at a time.

The Certification

1. The “True Storytelling Foundation®” module consists of online videos and 4 live sessions.
The aim of this module is to give you a deeper understanding of the 7 principles of True Storytelling® and the theory behind it. In the module, we focus on you as a person and how you can be your best possible self. We work to develop “your” story that can help provide you with the motivation and sustain your strength both privately and professionally. In the module, you also learn a number of methods and tools that are linked to the various principles. The module ends with a reflective exam.

You select two other modules containing online videos and 3 live sessions each, such as:
Module – Organization Development and Change. “True Storytelling®- Sustainable Change Management.” The aim of the module is to combine the foundation module with knowledge and approaches as to how to use the 7 principles while working toward sustainable development in organizations and in civil society. You will be introduced to different definitions of sustainability, with a particular focus on the UN’s global goals and how you can use the principles of True Storytelling® to put them into play to create movement toward positive change. We work both with sustainability in connection to resources and equally as a personal mindset that can manage and prevent stress while strengthening well-being.

Module – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “True Storytelling®- Diversity and Respect,” with online videos and 3 live sessions. This module will cover how to create organizations and cultures that can accommodate more diversity in ethnicity, gender and culture. With our experience from the USA, we combine DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) with the 7 principles of True Storytelling®. Here you  learn how to create an organizational culture where diversity is understood to be a strength. The ability to create synergy between different cultures and perspectives is a way to more creative organizations and societies.

Exam, 2 days
The True Storytelling® training certification concludes with a 2-day examination, both written synopsis and oral reflection, on theory and utilization. Further review of the various tools and practices continues on Day 2 through interactive exercises, project sparring on specific challenges and tasks you may be dealing with in your daily life and or work, and application scenarios.

Access to the growing international community
Successful certification also provides you with access to the growing international community of True Storytelling® practitioners, attendance and presenting at annual conferences, utilization of the True Storytelling® network of professionals for brainstorming and collaboration, and continual updates on tools, successful techniques, and strategies utilizing True Storytelling® as a change management methodology

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True Storytelling
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Managers, coaches, consultants etc.

Eva Ritter
CEO, Nordic Perspectives, Germany
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"Jeg bruger True Storytelling med succes, når jeg arbejder med projekter og partnere omkring bæredygtig udvikling."
Rebecca Ejigayehu Engberg-Brixen
Co-founder at Early Care International
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“De 7 principper i True Storytelling er afgørende i vores samarbejde med partnere i Afrika og hvordan de tager ejerskab.”