Certification in True Storytelling®

The certification is for you who want to create sustainable changes and live a more true life in accordance with your values and nature. The True Storytelling method combines the ability to create commitment for sustainable change with personal ethical development and the ability to handle situations of high complexity and be in flow.

The module consists of online videos and 4 live sessions​

The aim of this module is to give you a deeper understanding of the 7 principles of True Storytelling® and the theory behind it. In the module, we focus on you as a person and how you can be your best possible self. We work to develop “your” story that can help provide you with the motivation and sustain your strength both privately and professionally. In the module, you also learn a number of methods and tools that are linked to the various principles. The module ends with a reflective exam.

Tailored certification​​

The certification consists of a number of modules that you can connect to on an ongoing basis. For example, you can start by taking the Foundation module and assess whether you want to continue. In addition, you can register for one advanced module at a time. You pay for one module at a time.​

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The certification package

Foundation, 4 sessions

You become certified in True Storytelling® by the True Storytelling Institute® once you have completed and passed the exam in the True Storytelling® Foundation module and two advanced modules such as “True Storytelling® – Sustainable Change Management” and “True Storytelling® Diversity and Respect.”

To obtain a certification as a True Storytelling® Trainer, you must also complete the “Train the Trainer” program and complete a reviewed project. You will then receive the True Storytelling Institute® professional certification as a trainer.

Why become a True Storyteller?

True Storytelling® and the 7 principles are for those who need to motivate, create ownership for strategies and projects, and encourage collaboration across cultures and professions. It’s for those tired of experiencing stress and pressure in high-complexity situations.

The certification introduces and trains participants in the 7 sustainable principles of True Storytelling®, which is a new existential and sustainable method of change. Practicing True Storytelling® is living sustainably! The method and tools can be used both in personal development and in planning, facilitating, and evaluating changes.

How can your organization see that you have become certified as a True Storyteller®?

  • You create ownership around projects, strategies, and business ideas by creating stories collectively with partners and stakeholders.
  • You navigate the complexity and can unfold it, and see new opportunities.
  • You facilitate changes by creating a framework for psychological safety in the organization, project, or department.
  • You create value and energy for yourself and the people you work with by using your storytelling skills to create or improve sustainable changes, innovation, and new business.
  • You handle situations of high complexity and experience being in flow.
  • You have enhanced impact.
  • You are able to reduce and manage stress, which improves your ability to handle resistance, because you act based on ethics and what is best for the organization, society, and the planet.
  • You have a complex understanding of storytelling at different levels in the organization or society and know how to create sustainable changes by creating psychological safety.
  • You create joy and creativity among the people you work with, leading to new ideas, larger networks, and opportunities both professionally and personally.