True Storytelling Institute®



As people graduate with the Level One Basic certificate and the Advanced certificate programs of TSI, there is a need to practice and stay updated. People can repeat modules, or take new ones. They can also join an alumni meeting of TSI and get some more practice in the tools. Over time, the number of tools of TSI grows to more than a hundred, with original exercises. Alumni groups are a great place to check-in to stay in tune with True Storytelling Principles.


Graduates holding Level 1 certificates of the True Storytelling Institute® are welcome to be involved in the ongoing development of both existing and new TSI modules share both successes and challenges among the group in a thinktank atmostphere allowing input and solutions to evolve where everyone benefits.

Strategy Partner

As a certified True Storyteller, you will be able to gain insight in your own business procedures and strengthen your relationships with your current clients through the power of storytelling and by following our principles for a more ethical path to sustainability – also in your daily business life.

Furthermore, you can become a trainer of trainers or a consultant in True Storytelling by combining your modules and working closely with the founders and the team.

We have a business model in place for this and encourage you to reach out to us to learn more.