Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2.0

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2.0 is designed by the True Storytelling Institute® to take DEI training to the next level by providing deeper insights into how the True Storytelling process can bring a better understanding among diverse groups in communities, organizations, and teams, by building on the Foundation Module.


Ken Long, retired Army lieutenant colonel. Associate Professor at the US Army Command and General Staff College




4 hours

Date on update

14th of December 2021

What you will learn

DEI 2.0 goes beyond the typical ’diversity training’ found in many organizations by getting deep into the often unspoken uncomfortable truth of inequality. It is not meant to serve as a ’check the box’ kind of program. Designed to provide instruction for those seeking to interact, train, and coach, by building trust through truth.  Instruction and conversations are engaged in safe space with honesty, truth, and trust. It is time to go beneath the stereotypes, the labels representing the Other, and beyond patriarchy to equity and inclusion. This is what True Storytelling is about. A method to create ethical and sustainable change through the seven principles and processes.

The method and tools can be used both in the work with own personal development as well as in planning, facilitating and evaluating change management.

845.00 599.00 USD

Course includes:
Who is the target group?

Those seeking personal growth, including leaders, NGO’s, consultants and coaches who are interacting with diverse groups.

Companies that have completed this course

The module is for you who are a consultant, ngo, coach, or manager longing for a new approach to life changes and work.