Ethics Foundation Module

TSI – Ethics Foundation Module is designed by the True Storytelling Institute® to provide a solid foundation of the seven fundamental principles and processes of True Storytelling, serving to instill insight into opportunities for creating positive changes in your own life as a person, consultant, coach or manager.


Grace Ann Rosile, Professor James Sibel, Ph.D. and CFU Lena Bruun, Strategic Adviser Jens Larsen, Coach and Entreprenuer David Boje, Professor




Videos,handouts and tools. 4 hours online. Livesessions is not included.

Date on update

15th of March 2023

What you will learn

The Ethics Foundation Module is the basis upon which all modules are constructed. Ethics is both a method and a mindset that sustains commitment and ownership for strategies leading to a sustainable future. We are living in times of dramatic change; a pandemic, financial instability, fake news, climate change, and dynamic political shifts. Many people are struggling and experiencing unmanagable levels of stress. Particularly in these times, we need ethically strong people; those who to dare stand in the arena and fight for change anchored in ethical and sustainable ways of living. This is what True Storytelling is all about. The methods and tools learned can be applied in both your professional and personal development in planning, facilitating, and evaluating positive change.

From the beginning of your journey and throughout the sessions, you will become aware of your current situation and the challenges and how living a more ethical life, where you care for yourself, nature, and your community, is more sustainable through the foundation of a solidly grounded ethical compass.

“Without question the True Storytelling experience was second to none among my personal experiences. I strongly recommend for others particularly in government (policy makers, supervisors and managers) to participate in the True Storytelling experience.”
Rico L. Smith, former Fire Chief, Los Angeles.

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Who is the target group?

The module is for you for your personal growth, or as a consultant, NGO, coach, or manager, seeking a new approach for growth in positive life changes.

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The module is for you who are a consultant, ngo, coach, or manager longing for a new approach to life changes and work.