Organizing, Developing, and Changing 2.0

Organizing, Developing, and Changing 2.0 is a True Storytelling Institute® course that provides an entirely unique perspective on ODC utilizing new tools and processes through True Storytelling to plan, facilitate and reflect on creating positive change and long-term commitment to positive change in organizations and communities.


Dr. James Sibel




4 hours

Date on update

14th of December 2021

What you will learn

Research shows that more than 70% of change implementations fail; why – what causes such a high failure rate? How can this abysmal outcome shift the other way – to a 70% success rate? One reason is often a failure to commit, by the key individuals or group, to involvement and an understanding for the changes. Learn how True Storytelling serves to motivate thinking and commitment by inspiring others to become involved over the long-term. This course moves away from the same old methods that have, over time, become less and less effective. Learn how to develop a strategy, motivate, manage resistance to gain commitment, and sustain over the long-term.  

The method and tools from the course can be used both professionally and for personal development for planning, facilitating and evaluating positive change.

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845.00 599.00 USD

Course includes:
Who is the target group?

Consultants, leaders, NGO’s who are working to assess, develop, and implement positive changes in organizations or communities who may have experienced challenges with creating commitment and implementation.

Companies that have completed this course

The module is for you who are a consultant, ngo, coach, or manager longing for a new approach to life changes and work.