Foundation Ethics Module

Foundation Ethics Module

The Foundation Ethics Module is a TSI course which gives you the fundamental of the seven principles and process of True Storytelling to create changes in your own life and as a consultant, coach or manager.

Dates: September 28th, October 5th, 12th and 19th. (Online LA Time 8-10, Copenhagen 17:00-18:45)

“Without question the True Storytelling experience was second to none among my personal experiences. I strongly recommend for others particularly in government (policy makers, supervisors and managers) to participate in the True Storytelling experience.”
Rico L. Smith, former Fire Chief, Los Angeles.

What you`ll learn?

  • You will have gained a deeper understanding of ethics and sustainability in life and business.
  • You have a true and powerful story that can sustain your energy for the future.
  • You have practiced and exercised the seven principles and processes in True Storytelling.
  • You have to create a storyboard and a moral compass for your life.
  • You have a plan for committing to living a more ethical life that supports yourself, your family, community, and nature.

Who are the target group?

The module is for you who are a consultant, ngo, coach, or manager longing for a new approach to life changes and work.

Course description

We live in times of changes; pandemic, financial ups and downs, fake news, climate changes. Many people are struggling and feel stressed. We need ethically strong people and dare stand in the arena and fight for ethical and sustainable changes. This is what True Storytelling is about.
The method and tools can be used both in work with own personal development and in planning, facilitating, and evaluating changes.

The beginning of your journey and throughout the module will help you become aware of your current situation and the challenges. And why you need to live a more ethical life where you care for yourself, nature, and your community.

During the journey through the four sessions, you will create your new story and a moral compass you can use in your private and professional life. You will experience the seven principles in True Storytelling, conversational storytelling, and indigenous storytelling and how to use a storyboard in your journey.

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