Organization 2.0 Module

Organization 2.0 module

Organizing, Developing, and Changing 2.0 is a TSI course that gives you new tools and processes to plan, facilitate and reflect on creating changes and commitment in organizations and communities.

What you`ll learn?

  • You will have gained a more profound and new understanding of organizational changes using the triple loop and fractal approach. 
  • You have learned how to plan, facilitate and reflect on organizational changes.
  • You have have practiced and exercised four new tools to help you to create organizational changes.
  • You have practiced and exercised the seven principles and processes in True Storytelling.

Who would benefit?

Consultants, leaders and NGO’s who are working with organizational changes in organizations or communities and have experienced challenges with creating commitment and implementation.

The course is designed for those seeking to lead change management in organizations seeking to improve from within through the Storytelling Process.

Course description

Research shows that more than 70% of implementations failed. The reason is for example lack of involvement and understanding for the changes.

Therefore it is time to stop doing ‘Organizational Development & Change’ (ODC 1.0). This course will teach you how to do Organizing, Developing & Changing (ODC 2.0), with fractal changing, developing, and organizing a new kind of ensemble storytelling, we call Tamara-Land (Boje, 1995) that traces and maps the constraints of space, not just time.

It is time to move from 1 story fits all of single, and 2 loops of the open systems adapting leaders to the situation, where 3rd loop is the whole system is in many contexts across many scales.

The method and tools from the course can be used both in the work with own personal development as well as in planning, facilitating and evaluating changes.

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