OSR – Journal

Organizational Storytelling Review

Volume 1, Issue 1 – December 2023


P. 1 – Storytelling: The Era Everlasting


P. 10 – Storytelling Brutality: The Lived Experiences of Black Men in the Face of Police Harassment, Excess Use of Force, and Abuse of Power.

P. 39 – Changing the Narrative on Organizational Romances through Storytelling

P. 46 – Scientific Storytelling: Distribution Shapes Matter

P. 58 – Return to Tamara-Land: “Plus Zone Challenges” of Marquis de Sade and Mary Parker Follett Provide New Insight into The Wonderful Wizards of Oz

P. 79 – Implicit Biases and Prejudice are Malleable: Personal Change Management Through Utilization of the True Storytelling Model

P. 94 – Together-telling: The 7 Principles of Storytelling – A Co-created approach for Teaching Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education

P. 105 – The Power of Words: Stories of the Experiences of Female Leaders

Call for papers - May 1st / Special Issue: Bridging Leadership and Followership Research and Practice through Storytelling.

for submission guidelines go to: storytellingreview.org