True Storytelling Institute®


Create Value and reach your Goal

Indvidual Coaching or Team Coaching

Do you want to grow more, reach your goals or explore  challenges in a safe space, coaching is an essential way to develop yourself and create changes in your professional life. The need for coaching can be inspired by the TSI courses you participanted in or for you who is a TSI member and need support to create new strategies in life and work.


True Storytelling’s Custom designed Coaching program starts with your own True Story, and allows you to be able to revise that story as you choose, designing new strategies for life and work. This Coaching will guide you as you create value and reach goals at both the individual and team level. Some may wish to continue their self- and organizational development begun in our coursework by using our individualized Coaching sessions. However, no previous True Storytelling experience is required for you to benefit from True Storytelling Coaching.

Our History with Coaching

We have coached hundreds of leaders, researchers, and teams over three decades. Our coaching approach is grounded in research and is inspired by different coaching methods e.g., narrative, systemic and philosophical (protreptic). We approach coaching at an advanced level with a strong ethical code which fosters self-empowerment. 

Individual Coaching

5 sessions of 1 hour each

An individual coaching course is five one-hour sessions. The focal point of coaching is what is important to you. Before you have the first session, you  will identify which challenges you want to address.

Team Coaching

3 sessions of 1 1/2 hour

We draw on years of expericences working with teams. In our approach, besides different coaching tools, we use the True Storytelling principles and the protreptic dialogue that focuses on the group’s value.

We will start by clarifying expectations about what you and your team will hope to accomplish.

Perhaps you want your team to work better together or create a new team for a specific task, or integrate different cultures into your team. We can help you to implement new competencies, values, or working structures.