True Storytelling Institute®

Tailored Workshops

Grow your Organization

with tailored Workshops, Courses, and Change Projects

Working together with you, we can help your team, organization or community to grow and create value and more well being. We have more than 30 years of experience in the US and Europe.

Tailored workshops or courses

The tailored workshops are inspired by our TSI course modules. Together with you, we will assess your organization’s needs and what you would like to achieve. The tailored workshops and courses will take you and your colleagues on a journey that will create real changes.

We can offer tailored workshops and courses in:

True Storytelling Ethics Foundation

which gives your team the ability and the tools to use the seven principles of True Storytelling to create a strong and healthy culture, where the employees can perfom without burning out.

The Organizing, Developing and Changing Module

will help you and your organization implement a new strategy and create commitment among stakeholders. Through the 7 principles in true storytelling we will take your organization or team on journey where we together will co-create our new story, and leave no one behind as we reach our goals.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2.0

Learning to elicit, tell, and listen to stories creates a deeper awareness of diversity. From that deeper awareness, your organization can use the seven principles of True Storytelling to co-create a new story of greater equity and inclusion, tailored to the specific challenges your organization is facing. 

Change projects

We have years of experience designing, facilitating, and fundraising change projects. We can design a specific project together with you and your stakeholders and partners, in a timely fashion.