True Storytelling® Community Building

NGOs and individuals engaged in community building have had great success working with True Storytelling® in the US, Europe, and Africa. In this program you will be introduced to how you can use the 7 principles of True Storytelling® to motivate, build trust, and succeed with your project and strategy in community building. You bring your own project to the sessions and work hands-on to develop it through the application of True Storytelling® principles. Each session consists of a short presentation, exercises, and group dialogue.

What you will learn

  • Success in involving various stakeholders and overcoming resistance
  • Success in effectively communicating strategies and projects
  • Success in creating strategic partnerships across cultures and ethnicities​
  • Success communicating your organizations true powerful story
  • How to plan, facilitate and reflect when faced with dynamic obstacles with the 7 principles of True Storytelling®

The challenge of commitment

We who work with development work in civil service and public service, know that good intentions and innovative projects are often not enough if we are to succeed with our projects and make a difference in the world. It is our ability to deal with complexity, build bridges of understanding across borders and cultures, and the ability to create ownership and motivation among our business partners and our own employees, which is all-important. The change-management method of True Storytelling® and its 7 principles are an effective way to succeed with the above. The principles act as  a kind of tuning fork that can be used in planning, facilitation, and evaluations in connection with the implementation of strategic projects.

Research points out that 70% of implementation plans in organizations fail. This is due, among other things, to lack of involvement, often the strategy is planned by a small group without the involvement of the grass roots. Another reason is that those involved find it difficult to see the meaning of the strategy or project, thus inhibiting their motivation.

Session 1 – Commitment and energy – Principles 1 and 2
The first session will be a short introduction to True Storytelling® and how you can utilize the Methodology. Then follows an introduction to Principle 1 – Being True.  This is about the importance of creating meaning and commitment for the project or changes being implemented.  This is followed by Principle 2 – Make Room.  This principle focuses on the importance of connecting to stories already there and utilizing the existing energy to move you project forward.

Session 2 – Motivate and overcome resistance – Principles 3, 4 and 5
These sessions focus on how to better communicate the story about the project and how best to optimize Timing to help the strategy along, all the while generating motivation and overcoming resistance should it arise.

Session 3 – Principles 6 and 7
In the last session we will work with Staging of yourself and the project to motivate your stakeholders.  We will then focus on  the importance of reflecting and the benefit of continually evaluating your values and the project or strategy as it evolves

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The certification package

Foundation, 4 sessions

You become certified in True Storytelling® by the True Storytelling Institute® once you have completed and passed the exam in the True Storytelling® Foundation module and two advanced modules such as “True Storytelling® – Sustainable Change Management” and “True Storytelling® Diversity and Respect.”

To obtain a certification as a True Storytelling® Trainer, you must also complete the “Train the Trainer” program and complete a reviewed project. You will then receive the True Storytelling Institute® professional certification as a trainer.