TS® Strategyworkhop

New quality and shared direction

The True Storytelling®   Strategy Workshop is designed for organizations in need of preparing a new strategy, fostering progress, and building unity through the exploration of the organization’s values and its narratives. The workshop employs methods such as Protreptic (value clarification) and the 7 principles of our ethical change-management method True Storytelling® . It is also suitable for organizations undergoing departmental mergers and seeking to establish a new shared culture. The workshop has been utilized by Danish municipalities among others.

What have participants gained from the course?

  • Planning the implementation of strategy
  • Anchoring the organization’s values
  • Creating a shared narrative
  • A new experience of community
  • Shared language based on the 7 principles of True Storytelling® and Protreptic
  • Ability to prioritize the essential from the less essential
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Creating collective intelligence
  • Ability to navigate complex situations without burning out
We help you create a powerful story together

The workshop is based on the strategic starting point that you need to work with. The workshop is structured around the 7 principles of True Storytelling®, which help you develop and anchor your future narrative and strategy.

You are trained in dialogues about values

Values are what bind organizations and people together and what enable us to make the right decisions under pressure. We work with the dialogue method Protreptic, which is a form of dialogue that focuses on how to anchor values ​​in the individual and in the organization. Unlike setting guidelines for values, Protreptic allows for individual interpretation of the value, as long as it supports the common strategy. You experience how buzzwords transform into powerful concepts that you can act upon.

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You are inspired by creative environments

A requirement for a True Storytelling® process is creative and inspiring environments that can facilitate the implementation. The process involves working with storytelling, artifacts, walks, etc. Our primary requirement is that energy and immersion are created in the workshop.

Certified instructors
The instructors at the workshop are experienced consultants and leaders who are certified in True Storytelling®. Before the workshop, an expectation alignment is conducted to build trust in advance. If new opportunities arise during the workshop, our instructors have the experience needed to adjust the program. After the workshop, we collectively gather feedback and plan your next steps

Commitment through Together-telling

True Storytelling ® is a principled methodology for positive change management; it is not just about being a good storyteller but rather about your ability to co-create narratives with others, thereby fostering commitment for strategies and ideas, collective intelligence, and psychological safety. This can occur in your family, within a team, in an organization, in the local community, or regionally. The methodology combines storytelling while working on identification and development of personal and professional values. 

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Course Inquiry and Scheduling

Introductory in True Storytelling® Strategy workshop is available as an on-line program or as a inhouse course.

Virtual Foundation in True Storytelling® online program: 

Program Inquiries

Both hybrid virtual/in person classes for individuals are scheduled with cohorts forming now in both the US and Europe. Customized programs are available with advance scheduling by contacting True Storytelling® Institute.