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Change organizations and create diversity

You create value and energy for yourself and the people you work with utilizing your storytelling skills to create or enhance sustainable changes, innovation, and new business.

Learn how to implement sustainability

You have a complex insight in storytelling on different levels in the organization or community and know how to create sustainable changes allowing you to enhance and create business.

Grow your business and motivate people

You create joy and creativity among the people you work with which leads to new ideas, greater networks, and expanded business functionality and opportunity.

Become a great coach and true leader

You are able to reduce and manage stress, enhancing your ability to deal with resistance because you act from ethics and what is best for the organization, community, and Earth, rather than from feelings and power.


True Storytelling Course First Weekend of September

Our next Foundation Ethics Module will begin the first week of September. Ken Long will host the course. He is an experienced teacher in US Army, coach, and a business owner.

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Quantum Storytelling Conference December 16-18

We look forward to this conference in New Mexico, where researchers, storytellers, artists, and leaders meet. True Storytelling Institute will be the co-producer of the event.

New courses will be launch in late August

Right now we are working on some new courses. In late August, we will launch our new classes in True Storytelling and Sustainability.

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