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Ethics Foundation Module

TSI – Ethics Foundations Module is designed by the True Storytelling Institute® to provide a solid foundation of the seven fundamental principles and processes of True Storytelling, serving to instill insight into opportunities for creating positive changes in your own life as a person, consultant, coach or manager.



Motivate, build trust, and succeed with your project

DEI 2.0

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 2.0 is designed by the True Storytelling Institute® to take DEI training to the next level by providing deeper insights into how the True Storytelling process can bring a better understanding among diverse groups in communities, organizations, and teams, by building on the Foundation Module.

Undergoing Update

ODC 2.0

Organizing, Developing, and Changing 2.0 is a True Storytelling Institute® course that provides an entirely unique perspective on ODC utilizing new tools and processes through True Storytelling to plan, facilitate and reflect on creating positive change and long-term commitment to positive change in organizations and communities.

Undergoing Update